Where the mind leads the body follows.

We might have heard or seen this sentence a lot. It represents that our mind has powers that are unimaginable. One of the methods to control, or activate the true potential of our minds is Hypnotherapy. Now, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that word, is that it is a technique that is used by someone to control someone else. In general, that is the concept, but the application of hypnosis extends to more than controlling someone else. Hypnotherapy in simple terms is a way to communicate with a person’s sub-conscious mind. Communicate with your mind, Communicate with your body, just like in the quote above.

This can build confidence, change bad habits, overcome fears/sorrows, etc.. Hypnotherapy makes a person, or yourself, take subtle suggestions and build on them to change various aspects of yourselves.

Hypnotherapy can be either done to you, by someone or by yourself. The 2nd method is known as Self-Hypnotherapy. Some instances show great impact when guided by someone else to get to the root of the situation. Our mind is unique, just like a fingerprint. Even the smallest event can be interpreted and registered differently in each person’s mind. Hence, different people have different memories of situations. These may be happy, sad, cause fear, create trauma, etc. The fear and trauma cause discomfort and restrict us from moving on. Mind consulting helps to overcome these obstacles by various techniques. Each technique, tailored for the extent to which a person needs to feel comfortable to move on.

For a Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body & Happy Soul