When you hear the word Birth, What comes to mind? A few guesses would be, baby, labor, contractions, anxious, stress, etc. The thing is, most people forget that birthing is as natural a process as is breathing. It is involuntary. We do not consciously think of breathing, but it happens.

Then you might ask, why Hypnobirthing if birthing is involuntary? The answer is again, a natural process. We might breathe involuntarily, but breath control allows us to hold our breath longer, improve stamina, etc. Same way, Hypnobirthing aims to make the process easier on women and their partners, while still keeping the process natural. It reminds our mind and body that this is a natural process.

Hypnobirthing provides that sense of confidence, and shows parents the choices/options they have, to make their decisions for each step of the way, be it on the Big day or the days leading up to it.

This course of hypnobirthing takes parents through what they can come across, how to handle and methods to keep them relaxed at every step of the way, for a healthy baby and calm birthing experience. There are 5 sessions

Hypnobirthing – Basic & Advanced Combo

Session plan for Basic and Advanced will be combined – Total of 5 sessions.

For a Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body & Happy Soul