Nature’s Gift

Aura Infiniti helps you connect with the ever present energy through Hypnobirthing, Mind Consulting, etc for a happy and fulfilled life.


Hypnobirthing aims to make the process of labor and birth easier on women and their partners, while still keeping the process natural. It reminds our mind and body that this is a natural process.

Mind Consulting

Our mind is very powerful and unique. Even the smallest event can be interpreted and registered differently in each person’s mind. Hence, different people have different memories of situations. These may be happy, sad, cause fear, create trauma, etc.

Energy Healing

When you close your eyes ask yourself What seems to be the problem? Your mind and body is capable of letting you know exactly where to find it. Similarly there is an energy that outlines you.


Nobody knows what the future holds in store for us, it is always changing. Through astrology, by analyzing the past and present we can achieve a rough idea of how the time periods coming up in our lives may be.

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